Technology Application Solutions Delivered


Proven record of accomplishment

Technology Innovation Group representatives have a proven record of accomplishment to deliver technology application solutions across different industries.

Advanced manufacturing

  • Smart Automation solutions – Conveyor belt CCTV with analytics
  • WHS electronic solutions for broad acreage steel fabrication manufacturer


  • Remote automation livestock feeding
  • Remote monitoring of soil, crop and weather conditions for optimum crop yield at minimal input costs
  • Remote security monitoring of critical assets


  • Remote access to designated site locations for contractors involved
  • Automated security monitoring of construction site materials

Food and beverage product manufacturing

  • Smart production line security management solutions
  • WHS electronic solutions monitoring traffic flow and heat flow


  • Satellite based data and communication network to support remote community mine accommodation, security and infrastructure operation management

Property management – Commercial, education, industrial, residential, retail shopping centre, health care and social assistance

  • Remote access and security monitoring of properties at different geographic locations
  • Introduce a telecommunication backbone and supporting hardware and software to facilitate building services, EFTPOS and digital signage

Infrastructure development and management

  • Introduced smart technology platforms to provide recurring revenue
  • Remote access and security monitoring solutions

Security management

  • Smart integrated security solutions for correctional facilities
  • Remote access and monitoring solutions for education and government institutes

Sustainable living

  • Automated technology solutions reducing energy and water consumption

Transport and logistics

  • Vehicle CCTV solutions for automatic incident alerting
  • Vehicle tracking and driving monitoring solutions to detect abnormal driving behaviour
  • Authorized vehicle access solutions to designated geographic locations


  • Remote monitoring and access for hotels and resorts
  • Remote access management for Airbnb type properties


  • Developed embedded network solutions to reduce water consumptions for crop production
  • Introduced smart monitoring technologies for broad acreage developments