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About Us

Technology Innovation Group

Our Purpose

At Technology Innovation Group our objective is to be a company of choice for our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and the communities we interact with.

We aspire to contribute towards the international competitiveness of our customers through technology application solutions.


Our Vision

Technology Innovation Group strives to create sustainable value through the provision of innovative customer and market-focused technology application solutions.

Our objective is to provide systems, technology and people to work closely with our customers to develop and implement the appropriate solutions.


Our corporate values

Fundamental to the success of Technology Innovation Group is our corporate values:

  • Integrity – Earn and maintain the respect of our stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the community at large
  • Accountable – We take personal accountability for what we do and actively contribute in a team environment to find solutions and achieve results
  • Products and Services – Our products and services are the results of our efforts and the measure of our business and market success
  • Results – Business, profits and market success is required to survive and grow
  • Innovation – The continual pursuit of developing new products and services to add value to our customers and in society. Being agile, receptive, creative and continually improving is the foundation of our success.
  • People – Our most valued asset. They provide our intelligence and reputation. Respect, involvement, learning, and teamwork are our core human values.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Social and economic prosperity of current and future generations is critical to the living standards of people and their respective families. Through these principles, we aspire to contribute to communities through practical and sustainable initiatives.

Why choose us

Australian based and experienced design and consultation team working to your specific application requirements.

Offering best of breed technology solutions across multiple market sectors with many years of experience in these sectors.

Direct relationships with multiple manufacturers and supply channels to provide choice. 


Access to Leading edge technologies

market intelligence

Industry standards experienced

Connected with Industry experts

Turnkey solutions from implementation to training